Fitoverm: prescription and instructions for use

Fitoverm is a well-known brand represented by insecticidal, acaricidal and nematicidal biological products. A popular remedy has a pronounced intestinal-contact effect on pests.

Purpose, composition and advantages of the drug Fitoverm

"Fitoverm-M", "Fitoverm-P" and "Fitoverm-KE" allows you to protect vegetable, fruit and berry, flower and decorative, citrus plants and industrial crops, both in open and in closed ground. Highly effective fourth generation biological product also very suitable for indoor plants.

The active substance is represented by aversectin-C, which is able to penetrate the skin of the insect pest and causes severe nerve palsy. The death of a plant parasite occurs within a few days. In the soil layers, the active components of the insecticidal preparation decompose quickly enough, therefore, the preparation is approved for use at the flowering stage or closer to the harvest date.

The first treatment causes the death of adults and for the destruction of the remaining juvenile forms represented by larvae, pupae and nymphs, repeated spraying is required. The basis of the modern drug are the products of the metabolism of soil microorganisms, which determines its relative safety. "Fitoverm" refers to the third hazard class, but before use, the instructions must be studied and the dosage recommended by the manufacturer is strictly observed.

How to breed Fitoverm

Home and outdoor treatment of plants is aimed at the effective destruction of the most common, common plant parasites:

  • Colorado beetle;
  • butterfly butterflies;
  • cabbage butterflies;
  • green and black aphids;
  • thrips;
  • codling moth;
  • plant mites;
  • moth;
  • leaflet;
  • whitefly;
  • mealybug;
  • scale shield.

It is important to carry out prophylaxis and treatment at the recommended temperature regime, in cloudy or light sunny weather, in the absence of rain and gusty wind.

Instructions for use Fitoverm for indoor plants

The absence of a pungent odor characteristic of chemical preparations at "Fitoverm" is absent, therefore the bioactive insecticide has become very popular in indoor floriculture. It is most convenient to use ampoules of 2.0 ml in preventive and therapeutic measures. The contents of such an ampoule must first be diluted in a glass of warm water.

The finished solution is poured into a standard household spray gun, after which a thorough treatment of the entire aboveground part of the decorative-leafy or beautifully flowering room culture is performed. The biologically active liquid remaining after processing can be poured directly into the soil of the flower pot. Repeated prophylaxis or treatment can be performed no earlier than ten days later.

How to use the drug for treating plants in open ground

Pour a couple of liters of warm water into the bucket and add one ampoule of the drug, then mix thoroughly and bring the volume of water to ten liters:

  • fruit plantations and home gardens are processed from moths, spider mites and mealy mites, as well as leaf moths are processed twice during the growing season at the rate of one and a half milliliter per liter of room temperature water;
  • fruit stands and homestead berry stands are treated from the codling moth and scoops are processed once during the growing season at the rate of 2.0 ml per liter of warm water;
  • cucumbers, peppers, tomatoes and eggplant are processed from thrips, mealybug and spider mites twice during the growing season at the rate of 10 ml per liter of water;
  • cucumbers, peppers, tomatoes and eggplant are treated from aphids once during the growing season at the rate of 8.0 ml per liter of warm water;

  • cabbage is treated from cabbage and turnip whites, scoops and cabbage moth twice during the growing season at the rate of 4.0 ml per liter of warm water;
  • potatoes are processed from the Colorado potato beetle three times during the growing season at the rate of 1.0 ml per liter of water at room temperature;
  • garden flowering and ornamental foliage plants are treated from black and green aphids as necessary with a flow rate of 4.0 ml per liter of water at room temperature;
  • outdoor flowering and ornamental foliage plants are treated from thrips as needed with a flow rate of 8.0 ml per liter of warm water.

Processing is carried out with the mandatory use of personal protective equipment. In the process of performing work, you should not smoke, as well as eat or drink. After the work, you need to wash your face and hands thoroughly to the elbow with soap and rinse your mouth. Storage of the drug is carried out in a dry and cool room, subject to a temperature range of minus 15aboutC to plus 30aboutC. Storage should not be accessible to young children or pets. Ready and unused working solution must be disposed of. Under the conditions of home gardening, horticulture and gardening, “Fitoverm” should not be mixed with other chemical agents.

Reviews about insecticide Fitoverm

Reviews about the different forms of Fitoverm are generally positive. Gardeners and gardeners highly appreciate the low toxicity and high efficiency of the insecticide. The advantages include the lack of phytotoxicity, rapid decomposition and preservation of high efficiency at high temperature conditions. Among other things, it is allowed to treat plants even at the stage of active flowering, which is very important in regions with adverse conditions.

The Fitoverm drug, according to summer residents, is also not without some drawbacks, which are manifested in the need to perform fairly frequent and most thorough treatments. Among other things, the product is characterized by too low efficiency on rainy days and incompatibility with many other chemicals. To improve the adhesion of the product, experienced gardeners and gardeners recommend supplementing the biological product with any surface-active components, including soap foam and shampoo.

How to get rid of a spider mite

Preparations belonging to the Fitoverm series have been produced by the manufacturer for almost a quarter of a century, but have still retained their popularity. The working solution is applied as plant parasites appear, during the growing season of plants, by spraying with an apparatus that provides a finely dispersed and maximally uniform distribution of the agent over the aerial part.

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