How to grow orchids

This morning I found such happiness. What to do now, based on your experience? I will be very grateful!

Your daughter is on the orchid. If necessary, let it grow before the appearance of air roots. If not, cut off the peduncle so that the force does not take away from the rastishka.

need need !!! I have long dreamed

OK. Then let it grow. In Google (Yandex, etc.), look for the best way to separate from the mother plant. Good luck

yes, in the internet a lot of information, I agree. I thought maybe someone has some everyday trick, well, there are some fertilizers, vitamins ... There is a lot of information about this in the internet ...

there is one We buy magic fertilizer in an ampoule on ALI-espress and we get such a miracle:

and by the way this is not necessarily a baby, it may just be a branch of a peduncle that will bloom. and if you will fertilize, reduce the concentration of fertilizer from the one indicated on the package by 2-3 times, orchids do not like it when they are greatly fertilized. and bother less, hyper-care can only make worse

Well, but seriously, the main thing is not to overflow! Orchs do not water. Soak the pots for 15 minutes, drain the water and that's it. Better under-moisten than re

Class !!! I ordered cytokinin paste via the Internet, I'm waiting, I just wanted to anoint the kidney, there is still no paste, and the kidney is swollen!)) I will be glad to any choice of orchids

yes, yes, I have everything according to the rules!)) We were sick recently after the acquisition, my husband did not overlook)) the flowering was very short because of this, it removed a lot of roots and leaves. So I expected that something should be!

my orchid is already 10 years old, I have never given a baby

it's good. Orchids give children the wrong care.

what is it called? Your photo?

yes share

that's not mine. Google. The flower is called orchid, phalaenopsis

Girls! About fertilizing with Chinese ampoules - it was a joke! Do not be taken as a guide to action! in nature, orchids give one flower stalk, which means it should be so. And these ampoules are probably hormonal ...

you just wrote so confidently as if you ordered it yourself. I saw fertilizer on Ali, but I’m not sure of the action. And I don’t feel like giving away $ 6-8

no, not myself. Mom’s girlfriend. And there was just such an effect

I ordered a cytokinin paste in a Russian online store, this is just a hormone. At different concentrations when applied, it gives a different option, if you smear it harder, then baby, if not a flower stalk. But this is just a theory and reviews, I myself am only waiting for her ... Orkh herself pleased me acid, one tablet per liter, so I just did it once.

Without fertilizers, I often overdry blooming like crazy ... An orchid is essentially a weed) less hassle more joy. It’s not true that one flower stalk is mine) and my three and four have ... For 7 years I have been doing my phalaenopsis, I just changed the soil and cut off the dry roots. I have never fertilized

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