Types and features of wall mounted clothes dryers

A wall-mounted clothes dryer is today considered the most popular and convenient design for accommodating still wet clothes. Especially such a thing saves housewives in the cold season, when there is no way to dry clothes on the street or on the balcony. There are different clothes dryers on the balcony and in the room, which differ both in appearance and in functionality.

Let us dwell in more detail on models that are conveniently placed in small rooms. For people who live in small apartments, the problem of placing devices for drying clothes is an acute problem. Therefore, before I had to come up with something to compactly place clothes. Now on sale you can find wall-mounted appliances for drying clothes in the bathroom and even in the room, occupying a minimum of useful space in the room.

Folding and electric dryers

Hinged clothes dryer in the bathroom is very popular. Such a device for drying clothes demonstrates its practicality, is also an excellent element of decor. When clothes do not need to be hung, the design can completely replace the blinds on the window. And if necessary, it can be thrown back. Minus - such a drying hanger is suitable only for a small number of small things.

For the fastest drying in small rooms, electric dryers are actively used, as well as special designs that are hung on batteries with hooks. Electric dryers can be used both in summer and in winter. They will not only dry things, but also eliminate excess moisture. This fastener for drying clothes is fixed on the wall, so you can place it in any convenient place. You can buy battery holders, which also hang clothes. But they will justify themselves only when the heating in the house is turned on.

Clothes dryer: how to attach to the wall

Folding and mobile structures

Folding models are also popular. They are good in that they can be placed on the sides of the bathroom, mounted on a wall or placed on the floor. Folding dryers are also called mobile because of their easy movement around the apartment. A folding dryer can be selected of any size, depending on how much textile is supposed to be dried on it and where it is possible to place the device. In the warm season, it is easy to take it even to the street. In winter, it is convenient to lay out the structure in the house. It is especially convenient, according to most housewives, to place such a design on the sides of the bathroom. Then all excess moisture quickly drains from the clothes without damaging the floor covering. As for placement on the wall, you must first check for special suction cups or hooks.

One of the folding options is a clothes dryer on the balcony “accordion”. It is convenient in that it can be advanced if necessary, and when not needed, retracted back to the wall. But such a clothes dryer - a wall-mounted folding accordion - implies rigid fastening to the wall with screws or bolts.

A great option for families with small children - outdoor clothes dryerwhich can be easily moved. An example of such a design can be seen in the photo. Most structures of this type have legs, so the device can always be easily transported to any corner of the house. Such an installation may have several tiers, which allows you to place on it at the same time a large number of textiles.

There are models to which a special tray is attached for draining water from clothes. This is especially true for families in which they wash clothes manually or in an old-style machine. Many models of floor clothes dryers can be folded and cleaned in a pantry or closet. They are durable, but at the same time quite light. The hostess can choose the device of the desired size for herself.

Rope, telescopic and retractable devices

Another convenient is a wall-mounted clothes dryer. The use of such a wall-mounted dryer is justified on the balcony or loggia, where the presence of ropes under the ceiling does not spoil the overall interior. A relatively new model is the design of the “Lift” type. The clothes dryer on the balcony can be mounted both to the ceiling and to the wall. Very comfortable for rooms with high ceilings.

Such a system attaches to surfaces on screws and screws. But its design is thought out so that if necessary to hang clothes it will be enough just to pull on a special device, and the necessary fishing line will immediately drop. So do not have to get up on a stool or staircase. In this case, the laundry will be dried at a sufficient height, without disturbing anyone.

If you do not have to constantly deal with the problem of drying large quantities of laundry, you can give preference to a folding retractable dryer or wall design. Retractable dryers are good in that they can be mounted anywhere. When closed, they will look like ordinary trims. In the open - like a dryer with several rows of woods. But you must understand that such designs are not intended for the large weight of wet textiles. This also applies to models that are equipped with special heavy-duty bars.

An excellent option is also a top-down device for drying clothes. As a rule, these are small designs that have special hooks. Using these hooks, the dryer is put on the top of the door, locking in there. This design can already withstand more weight. But she has two significant drawbacks. Firstly, you will not hang a lot of textiles on it at once. Secondly, when the laundry dries, the door cannot be closed. Many more housewives note that over time, wooden doors begin to deteriorate from moisture, which falls to the surface from hanging laundry.

You can purchase a dryer, which is easily attached to the ceiling or to the wall using special hooks. Usually these are decorated models, on which you can hang not only clothes, but also, for example, flower pots. Such a dryer can only be hung if necessary. Ideally look in the interior of such structures made under the tree. It’s difficult to name them even dryers, but at the same time they have sufficient functionality and reliability.

How to install a clothes dryer

So, the main design options for drying clothes are considered. Before choosing a device, you need to decide whether it will be a clothes dryer floor or wall. All options are good in their own way.

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